Monday, 1 October 2012

Dramatic south wings

I went to the Isle of Wight recently.  One of the days, I headed down to the beach and this old man was throwing bread to all these seagulls. I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some motion images with the birds fighting to grab pieces of bread. I had just got a new camera and wanted to try it out. These are my results, I took about 500 pictures and lets just say it took me a few days to go through all of them and try and pick the best ones. I did edit a few to bring out the different colours, so my images didn't look so dull.  I think it's quite hard trying to time the perfect image where the birds were just sweeping down to collect bread. This gave me good practice for motion images.

I think this one is my best shot due to the timing of the two seagulls. I think it was lucky that I was balancing my camera on the wall so the photograph is framed with the lovely blurred out background.