Friday, 8 March 2013

Exhibition! Wanna see my latest work?

I have created photographs that deal with our group theme of female issues. My photographs were created from my response of the media’s portrayal of feminine beauty. The imagery used in the media portrays what is supposed to be the ‘ideal body’, although this ideal image of beauty is unattainable for most females. The media shows this supposedly perfect, idolized image of feminine beauty that often objectifies women; it creates a powerful, negative influence on the way women view themselves. This influenced me to create work based on stripping back the idolized image, taking away all the added cosmetics and alterations, to throw away the social body. The body that has become altered by society, by images in the media, pressuring women to alter themselves, to become that idolized image. I’m focusing on the ordinary body, the natural, realistic, and the imperfections that make us beautiful and unique, rather than the ‘perfect’, identical image and body that is presented to us by models in the mass media within our society and culture.

Emma Lavender

Attractive plastic?