Sunday, 16 September 2012

House Husband

I got the stereotypical housewife  and typical 'bread winner' male worker and reversed the roles, so the male is the 'housewife' and stays at home cleaning and the female puts on the suit and brings in the cash.  I used my boyfriend and I to bring the idea into play. If I were to do this seriously, I would use different characters as it was quite awkward using myself and my boyfriend.  I made the male do the obvious 'chores' that the housewife was seen to do, such as 'washing up', 'cooking' and hoovering. I also made the male pose like a female, and made him put on a female head band and top, to make him look more feminine.  I dressed up in a suit like a businessman would. I tried to act quite grumpy as I would think after a hard day at work you would be quite down.  I asked my boyfriend what the typical male  gestures or acts are when you come in from work, eg; sit on the sofa with one leg over your knee drinking a beer with a remote.  Influences would be Cindy Sherman and Lise Sarfati.